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Downtown Clubhouse:
543 Center Street | Santa Cruz CA 95060

Katee, Clubhouse Director
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Thank you to all of our supporters for giving us ‘Moments Like This’

“In June of 2021, the Downtown Clubhouse was able to expand the number of youth served. We had a new teen begin with us during this time, and on her first day, she saw her best friend. They hadn’t seen each other since the shelter in place order took effect in March of 2020. They embraced one another and were crying tears of happiness because they were able to reunite. Moments like this have been one of many highlights this year at the Downtown Clubhouse. 

Another great moment happened when our swim lesson program began. One kid, in particular, has been working for almost two years to pass the swim test so that he could swim in the deep end. Finally, in summer 2021, his hard work paid off, and he took his first successful dive and swam in the deep end of the pool. This moment was so special! It was incredible seeing him filled with such tremendous joy and pride.”

-Katee, Downtown Clubhouse Director

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