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Thank you to all of our supporters for giving us ‘Moments Like This’

“This past year at the Joe & Linda Aliberti Clubhouse has been full of incredible moments.  The beginning of 2021 was all about Youth of the Year. The presentation ceremony was a major highlight, especially Joey’s acceptance speech. As a student with autism, seeing him glow with pride in his achievement and his appreciation for the staff was a moment that uplifted us all. 

We had an incredible time with several field trips to the park and the Downtown Clubhouse for swimming during the summer.  But our favorite summer moment was our day trip to Harvey West Park and Evergreen Cemetery with the MAH.  We spent the whole day at the park playing games and walking the cemetery, with members of the MAH giving us the history of Santa Cruz.  

 Then we hit the ground running with the school year. After the first week of school, we had our first Teen Night, where we watched a movie, played several games, and ate a ton of food.  The following week we hosted a Parents Date Night, where we had our 1st through 5th grade “littles” stay at the clubhouse till 10 pm. It was another fun night where we played tag, did a hula hoop game, had more food than we knew what to do with, and ended the night with a movie.

 Being open, watching these youth thrive, and living in their moments has been a true joy this year.”

-Bryon Windsor, Joe & Linda Aliberti Clubhouse Director and Michael Herzog, Eagle Club Site Director

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