Staff at the Club
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Careers at BGCSCC

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to

    • Creative Arts Director
    • Youth Development Specialist
    • Teen Director

    • Teen Director

      Salary: $17 – $19 / hour with benefits
      Supervisor:Clubhouse Director
      Status: Full Time 30-35 hrs/wk

      Job Description

      Is responsible for implementation, development, organization, supervision and evaluation of programs for teens between the ages of 11-18. Works collaboratively with Unit Directors, Youth Development Directors.

      Key Job Responsibilities


      • Contributes to the development of the overall goals and manages the implementation as it relates to the Teen Service Areas.
      • Provide leadership and direction to ensure the effective operation and delivery of programs within the Club and community.
      • Support the organization’s mission and principles
      • Ensure an environment that facilitates the achievement of youth development outcomes
      • Ensure programs, services and activities that support youth development outcomes
      • Ensure establishment of and adherence to policies and procedures

      Resource Management

      • Manage the budget and financial resources in the areas of recommendations for expenditures; control of expenditures against the budget and ensure the maintenance of financial records as it relates to Teen programs and services.
      • Recruit, select and manage volunteers within Teen programs and services.
      • Develops a preventative maintenance plan to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

      Program Implementation

      • Ensure program planning, development, implementation and evaluation, creating a diverse program curriculum.
      • Programs to include the five core service areas with special interest in education & career development and leadership development.
      • Provide statistical information on youth service establishing outcome measurement criteria for programs provided.

      Health and Safety

      • Ensure a healthy and safe environment by supervising members in program areas.
      • Maintain a safe work environment by ensuring that all supplies, equipment, and facilities are in good working order.
      • Maintain inventory and control of all equipment, supplies, etc. assigned to department and keep in good working order.


      • Recruit, train and supervise assigned program volunteers and staff.

      Additional Responsibilities

      • Teen services are not limited to existing facilities and may extend to outreach services, including Juvenile Department of Corrections.
      • Responsible for developing flyers, PSA’s, school visits, etc…for the purpose of recruitment of said Teens
      • Informal counseling of Teens and referrals to other agencies
      • Assume various duties, tasks and responsibilities as deemed necessary by supervisors.
      • May be required to drive Club van/vehicles.


      Internal: Maintain close, daily contact with Club staff, Club members, and supervisor to receive/provide information, discuss issues, explain guidelines/instructions; instruct; and make recommendations.
      External: Maintain contact with local community groups, schools, members’ parents and others to assist in promotion of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz programs.

      Skills/Knowledge Required

      • Bachelor’s degree preferred or minimum of two years related experience in planning and implementing youth/teen programs.
      • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
      • Ability to recruit, train, supervise and motivate volunteers
      • Mandatory CPR and First Aid Certifications.
      • Bilingual preferred.

      Youth Development Specialist

      Salary: TBD
      Supervisor:Clubhouse Director
      Status: Part Time

      Job Description

      Responsible for overseeing the delivery of a broad range of programs within a designated Clubhouse, such as Education, Social Recreation, Creative Arts, and Physical Education. Plan, develop, oversee implementation and supervise programs and program staff.

      Key Responsibilities

      Prepare Youth for Success
      • Plan and oversee the administration of designated Clubhouse programs and activities that support Youth Development outcomes:
      • Create an environment that facilitates the achievement of Youth Development Outcomes.
      • Promote safety of members and quality in programs at all times.
      • Ensure that members are encouraged to participate in a variety of program areas/activities and receive instruction and constructive feedback to develop skills in program areas.
      • Demonstrate leadership to assure conduct, safety and development of members.
      Program Implementation
      • Establish and maintain Clubhouse program goals and settings that insure the health and safety of members. Ensure that site staff understand and effectively communicate standards or program; that they ensure program areas are safe, well ventilated and well lit; and that Club equipment is maintained in good working condition.
      • Ensure the evaluation of Club programs on a continual basis and ensures programs/activities respond to member needs and address their gender and cultural diversity.
      • Control Clubhouse program and activity expenditures within approved budget.
      • Allocate and monitor work assigned to program volunteers and part time staff, providing ongoing feedback and regular appraisal. Identify and support training and development opportunities for assigned volunteers and staff.
      • Oversee proper record keeping and reporting including activities and events conducted breakdowns of daily participation figures (COMET database), notable achievements and any problems/issues.
      Marketing and Public Relations
      • Increase visibility of Club programs via posting of daily schedule, announcements of upcoming events and the dissemination of timely information for the development of advertising and promotion through mailings, flyers and media releases.
      Additional Responsibilities
      • May oversee special programs and/or events (i.e. Keystone, Youth of the Year awards, etc) and/or participate in the implementation of other unit activities as necessary.
      • May consult with parents concerning member and branch issues.
      • May handle deposits and banking transactions.

      Knowledge and Qualifications

      • A minimum of one year work experience in a Boys & Girls Club or similar organization planning and supervising activities based on the developmental needs of young people.
      • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
      • Group leadership skills, including an understanding of group dynamics.
      • Demonstrated organizational, staff and project management abilities.
      • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

      Creative Arts Director

      Compensation: $15 – $17 / hour, benefits negotiable
      Supervisor: Clubhouse Director
      Status: Part Time (25 hours/week)

      Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County is a leader in Youth Development that provides a dynamic, energetic, fun environment giving children 6-18 opportunities to expand their experiences in education, arts, and athletic enrichment.

      Job Overview

      Engage excitement and passion for the Arts by facilitating and supervising activities and classes in arts & crafts and fine arts. This position utilizes Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s creative/fine arts program models and resources. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to teach using a variety of media and techniques and have previous experience working with youth in an art based or classroom setting, and collaborate with our local schools and other community partners.

      Afterschool program hours: M, T, Th, 2:00pm-7:00pm & W, F 12:30pm-7:00pm.
      Summer program hours: M-F 7:00am – 6:00pm.
      Occasional weekend and evening events.

      Key Responsibilities

      • General maintenance of the Creative Arts Program including supplies and equipment.
      • Collection and entry of relevant data.
      • Planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities and classes.
      • Providing hands-on Arts experiences.
      • Maintaining a clean, safe environment.

      Knowledge and Qualifications

      • Bachelor’s degree preferred or minimum of two years related experience in planning and implementing youth programs.
      • Knowledge of basic youth development concepts.
      • Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior/discipline problems.
      • Ability to recruit, train, supervise, and motivate staff and volunteers.
      • Ability to deal with the general public.
      • Ability to plan and implement quality programs for youth.
      • Ability to organize and supervise members in a safe environment.
      • Good customer service skills.
      • Mandatory CPR and First Aid certifications.
      • Ability to speak Spanish fluently a plus.