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Wish List

Wish List

Please consider donating items that are new or “gently” used. Items needed especially at Live Oak Clubhouse are listed here. If you have an item(s) you’d like to donate, please contact Alexandra at 831-423-3138 ext. 26 or at

Downtown Clubhouse

New Computers, Monitors, and iPads
School supplies (notebooks, pencils, binders, pencil cases)
Nonperishable snack items i.e granola bars, crackers, canned fruit, etc. (unopened and not expired)
Hygiene Products (toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, hair combs, etc.)
MacGregor Portable Multi-Sport Scoreboard with Remote Control ($429.99)
Champro Ball Rack W/Casters – Holds 12 Basketballs ($39.69)
Youth Practice Team Jerseys Mesh Scrimmage Training Vests (pinnies)
Complete board games that do not require little pieces
New educational DVDs (‘Life’, ‘Planet Earth’, ’10 DVD Math+Science Collection” etc.)
Computer tables and chairs (for multiple computers)
Adobe Suite or Adobe Cloud (Illustrator/Photoshop…)
Ceiling Projector and Screen
Custom Carpentry (Doors for material shelves on far wall)
Swimming Fins (Speedo Power Fin, TYR Crossblade, and Finis Zoomers*)
Swimming Paddles (Finis Freestyler and Agility Paddle, and TYR Catalyst 2*)
Diving Toys (rings, balls, etc.)
Swim Meet Supplies (6x stopwatches and 6x clipboards)
Commercial Fridge

(* work best for most kids)

Art Room-Downtown

Mannequin/dress form for Recycled Art Fashion Show in Spring 2018 (example here)




Pencil sharpeners



Cultural items from Russia, China, France, Hawaiian Islands, Scandinavia, San Francisco, Mexico, India

Food, baking, cooking, and kitchen items


Weird, quirky, random things: trust me, we can turn it into an art project!

Recycling: egg cartons, boxes, bottles, tins, glass items


Small sticks



Sewing items

Flowers (faux or real)

Material swatches





White shirts


We always love donations of tempura paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels
Brushes, white painters palettes, painters tape, mat boards.

Items especially needed for LIVE OAK

Tech Center

Adobe Suite or Adobe Cloud Illustrator/Photoshop
3D Printer and Fillament
2-LED Lightboards
5-Digital Drawing Boards large size preferably 11X or larger
1- android device to connect, robots, drone to.
2-ios/android devices for B.Y.O.D./social media ambassadors
5- Sewing machines (computerized would be nice)
Spool Thread- all colors
Photo backdrops, 2- mini kits and 1 large professional set up for S.T.E.A.M./Media Making

Teen Center Games

20 Ping Pong Balls received 50 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
4 Ping Pong Paddles
2 – 4 Pool Cues
3 Weighted Air Hockey Pucks
Set of 2 Air Hockey Hand Paddles
2 New Soccer Balls (Size 4 or 5) received 2 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
2 New Basketballs (28.5 and 29.5) received 2 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Set of 2 Portable 4ft. Soccer Goals
2 New Footballs received 2 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
1 volleyball received 2 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!

Teen Center Academic Supplies

Sharpened Pencils
2 Poster Size Multiplication Table Charts
10 – 20 Basic 4 Function Calculators
5 – 10 Basic 12 Colored Pencil Sets
Graph Paper
School Textbooks for Middle School and High School students/particularly science and math
Math workbooks for 6,7, and 8
High School class reading novels:
Of Mice and Men received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Piano Lesson
Huckleberry Finn received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
The Things They Carried received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
The Odyssey received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Things Fall Apart received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Great Gatbsy received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
To Kill a Mockingbird received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
House on Mango Street received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Night received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Bean Trees received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Catcher in The Rye received 1 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!

Teen Center Electronics

3 – 5 Computer Mice for Gaming (League Night Only)
Speaker System that can be plugged into a computer (May overlap with the Tech department)
5 or more:) tablets for S.T.E.A.M. Activities
Clean, good condition sofa in blue, purple, tones
Radar gun for S.T.E.A.M.
DSLR style Camera for Media Making/S.T.E.A.M.
3 PC’s for Teen Center/Tech Center activities
Ps4 pro
Mortal kombat x(ps4)
FiFA (ps4)
Forza Racing
360 w/ kinect and games

Teen Center Miscellaneous

Construction Paper
Masking Tape
4 sets Curtains and Rods for Upstairs Tech Center Window (6ft Across x 5ft High)
Preferable Black or Dark to maximize light blockage(Thermal Curtains)
Box of 12 Ice Cream Cones to Give as Reward

Athletic department

2 sets of 8 Dodge balls
Ball Storage – rolling ball cart
10-20 Pinnies(scrimmage vest) – youth size received 10 from anonymous donor, THANK YOU!
Soccer balls

Games Rooms

Large Waffle Blocks set of 32 – hard plastic not foam
Playhouse furniture and toys (pots pans plastic food, etc)
New educational DVDs (‘Life’, ‘Planet Earth’, ’10 DVD Math+Science Collection’ etc.)
Hula Hoops

Board Games

Settlers of Catan
Apples to Apples
Catch Phrase
Mad Gabs
Spot it


Electric Mixer- Cuisinart hand held and or Kitchen Aid mixer with attachments(pro version)
Pot Holder Mitts
Extra large frying pan and/or a griddle
Stock/soup pots (resturant size)
Bar towels
Cotton Candy Machine
Popcorn Maker
Slushie Machine

Club Misc.

3-Large Screen wall mountable tv/monitor and Mounting hardware (for High School Room-smart TV, Teen Center, Downstairs rotation board)
3-32” Smart T.V.s
Cordless Drill (Makita is my favorite)
Outdoor storage shed

Needed for Summer (!!)

Pop-Up Canvas tents for Shade during Summer Camps

Picnic Tables, Umbrellas, and Benches

Art Room Facility

A Paper Storage Organizer ($169.99)
Extra Wide Construction Paper Holder by Childcraft (
Wire shelving on wheels

Art Supplies and Tools

Crayola Markers Class Set
Acrylic/Watercolor paint brush sets
Color chalk sets
White glue
Canvas boards
Craft glue
Low heat, small glue gun glue sticks
Masking tape
Painters tape
Scotch tape
Staple Gun
Standard Staplers (3)
Pigma Micron Pen sets by Sakura
Interior house paints (any color, used or new)
Large paintbrushes (1”-3”)
A case of Ivory Soap bars (24 pack)
Rasps sets for carving softwoods (3 sets ideal)
Pre-cut matts for framing artwork (various sizes)
Burnishers (3)
NEW White kids t-shirts (misc. Sizes to fit 6-11 year olds)

Learning Center

C3000 Chemistry Kit $280
3 4 Light Microscopes $44
Interactive whiteboard or SMART board $750-3000
Whiteboard markers
Whiteboard Cleaner
Whiteboard erasers
Soil testers
Scientific Magnets
Vandergraff generator– $200
Chemistry Glassware kits– $100
Chemistry Hot plate– $157
Glass microscope slides
Childrens scissors
White Glue
Desk Chair