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Club Blue


Mission: to provide the opportunity for young professionals to commit their time and resources to support youth in Santa Cruz County.


Club Blue is a program that embodies the passion and interests of local, young business professionals by providing a fun and engaging forum of discussion, networking, and representation to make a lasting, positive impact on youth in our community.


Outline of Responsibilities of a Club Blue Member:

  • Collaborate with BGCSCC to co-host one of their official events per year i.e. Fun Run
  • Host 2+ social mixers per year where Club Blue members invite friends, co-workers, and other community members to a casual, networking event.
  • Attend 7 out of 12 monthly “meet-ups” that take place on a set day and time every month (TBD every 3 months) for an hour to discuss discuss progress, planning, and social opportunities and commitments.
  • Members can elect to participate directly with BGCSCC in two ways:
    • Visit the Club as a volunteer (minimum 10 hrs per year), either with a pre-planned program based off their skills and knowledge or with already established programming.
    • Volunteer at and/or help plan fundraisers throughout the year.


Membership Information

Club Blue members are considered ambassadors of Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County, committing to open dialogue with community members about the Club and the importance of serving children and teens.


Members will pay a $50 membership due per year. Funds will be used to support Club Blue Activities and Club Programs.

Note: Club Blue is an evolving group that is open to suggestions, recommendations, and changes to fit members’ lifestyles.

Download the Club Blue Membership Handbook to sign up as a Club Blue member (turn in your signed agreement to Alexandra, contact info below).

Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County’s Club Blue Contact:

Alexandra Baker

Development Assistant

831-423-3138 ext 26