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Staff at the Club
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Careers at BGCSCC

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to

Youth Development Specialist

Salary: TBD
Supervisor:Clubhouse Director
Status: Part Time

Job Description

Responsible for overseeing the delivery of a broad range of programs within a designated Clubhouse, such as Education, Social Recreation, Creative Arts, and Physical Education. Plan, develop, oversee implementation and supervise programs and program staff.

Key Responsibilities

Prepare Youth for Success
  • Plan and oversee the administration of designated Clubhouse programs and activities that support Youth Development outcomes:

o Create an environment that facilitates the achievement of Youth Development Outcomes
o Promote safety of members and quality in programs at all times
o Ensure that members are encouraged to participate in a variety of program areas/activities and receive instruction and constructive feedback to develop skills in program areas.
o Demonstrate leadership to assure conduct, safety and development of members.

Program Implementation
  • Establish and maintain Clubhouse program goals and settings that insure the health and safety of members. Ensure that site staff understand and effectively communicate standards or program; that they ensure program areas are safe, well ventilated and well lit; and that Club equipment is maintained in good working condition.
  • Ensure the evaluation of Club programs on a continual basis and ensures programs/activities respond to member needs and address their gender and cultural diversity.
  • Control Clubhouse program and activity expenditures within approved budget.
  • Allocate and monitor work assigned to program volunteers and part time staff, providing ongoing feedback and regular appraisal. Identify and support training and development opportunities for assigned volunteers and staff.
  • Oversee proper record keeping and reporting including activities and events conducted breakdowns of daily participation figures (COMET database), notable achievements and any problems/issues.
Marketing and Public Relations
  • Increase visibility of Club programs via posting of daily schedule, announcements of upcoming events and the dissemination of timely information for the development of advertising and promotion through mailings, flyers and media releases.
Additional Responsibilities
  • May oversee special programs and/or events (i.e. Keystone, Youth of the Year awards, etc) and/or participate in the implementation of other unit activities as necessary.
  • May consult with parents concerning member and branch issues.
  • May handle deposits and banking transactions.

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • A minimum of five years work experience in a Boys & Girls Club or similar organization planning and supervising activities based on the developmental needs of young people.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Group leadership skills, including an understanding of group dynamics.
  • Demonstrated organizational, staff and project management abilities.

Front Desk Representative – Scotts Valley Clubhouse

Salary: $12.50/hr
Supervisor: Program Director
Status: Part Time

Job Description

The Front Desk Representative will have full responsibility for the duties related to managing membership, program registration and reception of all guests entering the Club.

Key Responsibilities

  • Enforce all Club rules.
  • Greet and assist visitors, guests, parents and members immediately upon entry into the Club.
  • Encourage all youth entering the building to sign-in and to actively participate in activities.
  • Provide data entry and reports for Club membership system.
  • Share knowledge of all activities and programs in the Club. Answer parental inquiries and stimulate interest in programs offered.
  • Handle program registration, including handling cash.
  • Promote interest in the activities.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to members.
  • Data entry.
  • Maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship with the youth, parents and volunteers.
  • Cooperate with other staff members.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Possess an understanding of how to work with youth, sensitivity to their needs and an understanding of their concerns.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and meet the general requirements for any BGCSCC staff position.
  • Possess a practical knowledge and experience to manage a reception area.
  • Spanish/English bilingual preferred.

Education Director

Compensation: $16 – $17.50 / hour DOE
Supervisor: Scotts Valley Clubhouse Director
Status: Full Time

Job Description

The Education Coordinator plans, implements, and supervises education support programs and activities provided within the Club. The Education Coordinator trains and supervises assigned volunteers for homework assistance and the Power Hour program. Responsible for general maintenance of the Education program area.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plans, develops, evaluates and implements education programs and activities that prepare youth for success. Survey members’ interest in programs, tracks member program participation and program outcomes; works with Area Director to plan and implement changes to improve results.
  • Develops and posts weekly and monthly program education calendar. Promotes and markets education programs to Club members via assembly, announcements, bulletin boards, flyers, and posted schedules. Update and maintain bulletin boards to be informative and attractive.
  • Ensures programs are gender inclusive and are sensitive to cultural diversity. Implements monthly events/celebrations of cultural holidays, traditions (ie Black History Month, Women in Sports, Chinese New Year, Cinco de May, etc).
  • Implements proven youth development strategies and creates a stable, supportive environment for children and teens ages 6 to 18. Specially designed programs concentrate on developing job readiness, study skills, self-esteem, good health and social responsibility among Boys & Girls Club members.
  • Coordinates all education/homework assistance volunteers. Keeps accurate records on volunteers’ time in program with daily sign-in & out logs. Works with local colleges/university and high schools to recruit volunteers.
  • Develops relationship with local elementary and middle schools to keep up to date on school assignments, homework, text books, and members’ progress.

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • A minimum of three years work experience in a youth serving organization or school at a professional level planning and implementing activities based on the developmental needs of young people.
  • College degree in Education or related field.
  • Teaching credential preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to creatively plan, coordinate, organize, implement and evaluate a quality youth program directly and through collaborations and contractors.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other programs/organizations to deliver quality programs to Club members and potential members.
  • Experience working with children.
  • Knowledge of youth development.
  • Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior problems.
  • Ability to deal with the general public.
  • Ability to plan and implement quality programs for youth.
  • Mandatory CPR and First Aid certifications.
  • Ability to speak Spanish fluently a plus.