Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp 2020 Registration is FULL


Due to our sheltering in place ordinance, our summer program will look incredibly different this summer. We will be having two four week sessions that you will have to register for in order to attend. Each session is $400 per child and the child must have a current membership for the calendar year 2020.

Session 1: June 8th-July 2nd
OFF WEEK: July 6-1oth
Session 2: July 13th-August 7th
A few things to note for this new process:
1. Our summer program is only open to children who require summer care.  If you are having to leave your house to go to work or are considered an “essential worker”  you may register for our program.
2. Each clubhouse can only register for a max amount of kids this summer (space is very limited, see below).  You may not register for more than one clubhouse per family.
3. Students will be grouped by age group and cannot be changed throughout the 4-week sessions.  Siblings of differing ages may not be placed together.
4. There will be NO drop in days at all this summer.
5. We do require that each member who is being registered attend the full 4-week session. (No mixing other summer camps etc.) Our goal is to minimize the amount of contact in the germ pool.
6. Payment is required at time of registration confirmation. (Must pay for half of the Session you are registering for)
7. Scholarships & Cal Works will be accepted this summer, contact Katee for more information at


If I don’t use all 4 weeks of Summer Camp can I get a refund?
Summer camp this year is split into two four week camps. Registering for camp is a four week commitment. Children must be assigned to a stable group of no more than 12 children. If your child drops out we will not be able to fill that spot with another child, therefore refunds will not be available.

I don’t need all 4 weeks, can I sign up for only the weeks I need?

 You can sign up for two weeks but you will be required to pay for all four weeks regardless of usage.

I only need two days a week. Is there a reduced fee for using fewer days?

No, we do not have a two day a week option at this time.

In order to comply with Health Department and CDC recommendations we have had to limit the number of children to a fraction of our normal summer capacity while simultaneously having more staff members available to facilitate programming and cleaning/disinfecting/ sanitizing throughout the day. The loss of almost 75% of our annual summer income combined with the extra expenses have greatly affected our ability to be more flexible

Do you have financial assistance available?

 Yes, Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County is committed to being here for those who need us most for scholarship information contact Katee Freeman at

How will you monitor children and adults coming to camp sick?

We will take a temperature check 2 times a day. If a child does present a temperature or symptoms they will be sent home and we will follow the County Guidelines for when they can return. The same guidelines will be followed by staff who are sick. 

Those guidelines can be found here:

What does “stable group” mean?

We will assign groups with 12 or fewer children and a consistent/fixed staff team to remain together throughout the course of the summer. The intention is for the same 12 or fewer participants to remain in your child(ren)’s group for the 4 weeks of programming.

How will you enforce keeping children 6 feet apart, when it is not natural to children to keep their distance?

Under the County guidelines members do not need to be kept six feet apart in their stable groups of 12. We will however keep the stable groups from coming into contact with each other to help lessen the chances of exposure.

How will you make sure that the camps uphold the CDC standards for the COVID crisis and that they put children in as little risk as possible?

We scheduled our indoor spaces and outdoor equipment to be cleaned and sanitized before and after use by each group, and have designated staff members in each group to clean and disinfect to allow other staff to focus on delivering programs to our members.

We will check for updates daily and implement any changes  in a responsible manner to remain in compliance with Health and Safety guidelines.

The safety of our Club members is our top priority, we are constantly checking for updates in health and safety practices in order to remain in compliance with their recommendations.

How will you monitor children coming to camp sick.

We will take a temperature check 2 times a day, when the member first arrives and mid day. If a child does present a temperature or symptoms they will be sent home immediately and we will follow the County Guidelines for when they can return. The same guidelines will be followed by staff who are sick. Those guidelines can be found here:

What if you have a confirmed case of Covid -19 at summer Camp?

Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County may implement short term closures of summer camp in order to comply with recommended cleaning and sanitizing of the facility so that it won’t happen because of everybody’s fear. We are confident that we are taking the necessary steps for the safety of our Members and Staff.

As long as camp is approved by the county, we are comfortable sending our kids.

We agree. We were not sure if this could happen but after many meetings on the phone and on Zoom with the County it’s a nice feeling knowing we can go forward. Everything we are doing is falling under their recommendations.

I can only control my own child and do not know if other parents are enforcing the same social distancing rules that I am.

That has been the discussion we have had. We will reiterate over and over the expectations that we have for members and their families. 

I’d want to make sure that the camps upheld the CDC standards for the COVID crisis and that they put children in as little risk as possible.

Agreed. I really feel strongly that by following the County Guidelines we are doing just that.


Contact the appropriate Clubhouse below, or email with the primary Clubhouse your child will be attending.

  • Downtown Clubhouse 831-423-3138
  • Live Oak Clubhouse 831-477-4095
  • Joe & Linda Aliberti 831-535-7017

2020 Dates

  • Summer registration is Monday, May 25th at 7:00 pm.
  • Session 1: June 8th-July 2nd.
  • Closed for cleaning: July 6-July 10th.
  • Session 2: July 13th-August 7th.

Hours / Fees for All Clubhouses

  • Hours: Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Summer Fees: $400 per session with current membership.
  • Current annual membership ($100) required.